Crashed on Apple TV just as finished race

Zwift crashed on me just as I finished a race which I needed for category classification for the league starting on Tuesday. It said I’d finished but said I’d have to check results later but they don’t seem to be showing in my account - did the race register? Attached a screenshot of what was shown.


I’d check if you show up in the results on ZwiftPower. Also check if you set any PRs in your power data on, assuming you were expecting that

I would advise you to get in touch with Zwift Support ASAP.

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think your race is going to end up registering on your ZP account without Zwift Support intervention.

Your in game activity has not saved correctly.
You do not show up in the in game race results (which can be found on other competitors activity reports)
In ZwiftPower you are showing as not finished in the Live data.

I don’t think this will resolve itself, but there is evidence of your race and your power output on ZwiftPower.

Is there an email for zwift support?

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Sometimes you don’t immediately get directed how you are hoping. This advice from another post might be useful:

Just keep saying “no” or whatever in the chat to indicate they arent pointing you to the right place and after 2 or 3 “no’s” you will get an option to email.

Great thank you so much for your help

If you haven’t already, disable “Video screenshots” on your AppleTV. While I can be 100% certain, my suspicion (at least on my 2022 ATV) is it was the cause of some issues, specifically when crossing finish arches. (for sprints in my case, not races)

Be even more cautious, I disabled Holoreplays, and made my Holos “private” - effectively, I was trying to cut back on any extraneous task that might strain the ATV.