Logged/kicked out of race

I’m new to zwift. I did my first race today. I was out in front of lead pack and zwift knocked me out of the race back to home screen. When I re-entered, I was on the same course, but either no longer in the race of many minutes/miles behind. Any insight here?

Which race do you think you joined? Assuming I found the right profile in Companion I only see 2 activities recorded for today and both just look like Makuri. Was it herD Beginner Racing? I think I see you still in the ‘Live’ listing on ZwiftPower for that race?

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It was a beginning race, the one youre referring to.

It showed me as finishing last, which is inaccurate, because I got logged out of race while leading. Can I delete this? I dont want this to negatively impact my stats

Hmm. I’m not aware of anything that would ‘kick you out’ to the home screen. If you’d just lost connection then Zwift normally just allows you to continue riding with a disconnected message until the connection resumes.

So I don’t know…

In regards to ZwiftPower, you show as not finishing so it won’t look like a negative on your ZwiftPower profile ‘stats’. The race just wont show up. (Did you just sign up to ZwiftPower? I’m sure just a few minutes ago it was saying that you were not registered?).

I did just sign up for zwift power. Thanks. I thought, maybe zwift kicked me oit because I was in to low of a catagory D race

Zwift isn’t that clever :grin:. I don’t know why you got exited from the event. Are you Zwifting on something like Apple TV where I hear the Apple TV remote can have a mind of its own and potentially exited you?

ZwiftPower currently shows you as a ZwiftPower ‘D cat’. Go to the right of your Zwift.com feed to see what Zwift thinks your ‘Category Enforcement’ grade is (note that these are two different category systems confusingly for new users).

As long as when you enter a race you meet the rules on ZwiftPower you should be fine. For Category Enforcement races Zwift itself should stop you entering at too low a level.

Have fun racing! Hopefully your next one goes better! :grinning: