Apple TV races not completing since April 29th Update

Anyone else having issues since the update this week with completing races.

Last two races when i passed the finish line the results page comes up as usual but never populates the riders just spins for a couple minutes then closes.

On exit of the game i can see the results page hit save then again it spins for ages and eventually saves. Internet connection seems fine (discord, stream etc all going without a problem) so i’m pretty sure it’s the update.

As zwift does not register that i completed the event it never gets updated on zwift power. Kind of annoying when i’m competing a 10 week league and missing events ruin the whole thing.


Happened to me as well. Also, the Zwift app (using 4k ATV) just crashed (black screen of death) during the last km of a race- twice this weekend. Never happened prior to the update. Would be good to know if something in the update is creating a problem for the ATV- too much power, pairing issues…