Zwift issues today

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #1

Anyone else having issues with zwift crashing and freezing today on apple TV 4k?

(Paul Allen) #2

I see nothing reported today:

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #3

Nothing ever is reported generally that’s why I’ve asked on here. Seems to be happening regularly

(Paul Allen) #4

Actually, issues are reported on there if there are any. I just finished a 1 hour run without any issues, so my guess is the issue is on your end.

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #5

Had zwift crash 3 or 4 times on me in the past when nothing was reported. Posted on here and had loads of replies saying there was an issue. Hence the reason why I ask on here now

(Jon Hare) #6

I’ve had a bunch of crashes on my Apple 4K in the last few days mid ride or race. Very annoying. The Apple TV seems to be working fine with other aps. Anyone have a solution?

(Jade Waits) #7

Hi Mark, I’m sorry to hear about the freezing/crashes that took place on your end!

If nothing has been posted to our status page at the time an issue persists, we can always take a deeper look into what may be occurring by gathering more information from you. Feel free to open a ticket with us at any time, for further assistance :slight_smile:

(Andre Hufschmid) #8

I have never experienced any crashing issue. None at all and i have been ridding for 2+ Years and have clocked hundreds of hours.

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #9

There are plenty that have. Lucky you