Zwift Freezing Apple TV

Hello all,


First day of paid up membership, (and second ride) and already my Apple TV (4K) powered Zwift is freezing during a work out.  Did anyone else freeze tonight (1400ish GMT) or was it just me???

Not sure about your situation but there is an issue at the moment.  You can always check system status at


There is a problem at thr moment with zwift i paid a few days ago. Its sods law.

My Apple 4K dropped too…   didn’t recognize me at all in the last Z-Fondo today…   not impressed!  Didn’t save my ride, no stats…   very unhappy

Doesn’t bother me they will fix it. Every tech has problem at some point it’s no biggie…

My Applet Tv  4k would pair then freeze… Glad to know its not just me.

That’s what mine was doing and it didn’t record the ride correct . Keep checking the status page for updates.

Update - Users are able to log in and ride, but jerseys, nameplates, flags and profiles are not loading. 
Mar 18, 16:37 UTC

What a mess today. I went outside in the cold and wind because that my ride would be null and void. What a massive problem.