Zwift Freezing Apple TV

(findTom .com) #1

Hello all,


First day of paid up membership, (and second ride) and already my Apple TV (4K) powered Zwift is freezing during a work out.  Did anyone else freeze tonight (1400ish GMT) or was it just me???

(Marc Camerlin) #2

Not sure about your situation but there is an issue at the moment.  You can always check system status at


(mark spurr) #3

There is a problem at thr moment with zwift i paid a few days ago. Its sods law.

(David Egerland) #4

My Apple 4K dropped too…   didn’t recognize me at all in the last Z-Fondo today…   not impressed!  Didn’t save my ride, no stats…   very unhappy

(mark spurr) #5

Doesn’t bother me they will fix it. Every tech has problem at some point it’s no biggie…

(David Mackey) #6

My Applet Tv  4k would pair then freeze… Glad to know its not just me.

(mark spurr) #7

That’s what mine was doing and it didn’t record the ride correct . Keep checking the status page for updates.

Update - Users are able to log in and ride, but jerseys, nameplates, flags and profiles are not loading. 
Mar 18, 16:37 UTC

(Jerry Sobel) #8

What a mess today. I went outside in the cold and wind because that my ride would be null and void. What a massive problem.