Game crashes just before Finish Line

I have had it on a few occasions recenmtly where the game crashes and reboots my PC just as I am about to cross the finish line of an event.
This is extremely frustrating as yuou are left with a cirrupt FIT file and an inActivity FIT file
Just happened to me again on Tour De Zwift after 30km, 100m to finish line

Can you expalin or investigate?


Never heard of this issue previously and it’s indicative of a localised issue.

Can you give us full details of your setup to enable us to better diagnose the issue?

Yeah Sure, can you unlock the completion badge though for me please



Latest version of Zwift

SSD Hard Drive

Checked for errors

Nothing in error logs, my event view just shows a reboot
No Bluetooth disconnects, no failures

Although i can’t say for certain it’s related to your issue you are running an outdated version of the launcher. Current one is 1.1.5

You are running 1.1.1

As for the missing award, technically you’ve not completed it as you say it crashes as you are about to cross the line.

Is it only crashing on events or does it do it in workouts or free rides?

So you have a bug with updates

The launcher does not auto update
I manually re installed Zwift and it has updated.

This was supposed to be fixed June last year – so good spot!

Can you show me what has been updated with the launcher

The new launcher overcame a few bugs with the game updates, solved the white screen launcher issue and integrated some essential Microsoft assets as opposed to needing to install them separately.

Like i say i can’t guarantee the launcher is having any effect on your issues but in order to help further you’ll need to be running the latest versions of launcher & game.