Zwift freeze and crash x 3

Since the update on Tuesday August 8th I have had 3 different Zwift “freeze and crashes” occur on my new gaming PC (Windows 10). The first time was on WTRL’s Duathlon League on 08/09 in which I was 20 minutes into the bike race and then it froze up and then the screen went black shutting off my PC. I disconnected all my Bluetooth, reinstalled Zwift again and made sure all of my systems were up to date. Then it happened AGAIN during duathlon league race on 08/16 about 20 minutes into the bike race again the screen froze and then went black shutting down the PC. I rebooted everything again and then started a run workout. I was 35 minutes into the Zwift Fartlek 5’s workout when the screen froze and then went black and shut down. I put in a ticket with Zwift and they said that I was on 1.45 system and there was a NEW update that was pushed out “yesterday” (another TUESDAY) on 08/16. I deleted the Zwift application and re-installed it. Rebooted all of my home Wi-Fi/bloothtooth and started from scratch again but the Zwift app is still 1.45 and I let the person at Zwift know that the 1.46 was not updating for me in which they emailed me and said it wasn’t sent to me to update yet and I should try this forum. It is just INSANE to me that Zwift does these glitchy updates all the time on TUESDAYS when WTRL racing occurs on TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS!! WHY??? Most large corporations do software updates and Maintance (even junky glitchy ones) off hours or weekends so not to disrupt productivity. I was not the only one on my Duathlon league team that had this exact problem. I really does not make me want to race when I put in so much effort just to be shut down into a race. IndieVelo anyone???

Have you got video screenshots enabled? If so then turn it off.

The updates were actually happening Fridays for a while but they’re staggered so you could receive them the first day of release or up to 48 hours later.

Zwift is a 24/7 operation so in reality there’s no off hour time and weekends are the busiest.