App Freezes

Twice this week the app has frozen on the Mountain Muir course, first time I was about 5 mins in to the ride and today after 1hr.30 mins. Very frustrating losing all my details. only common denominator was the time around 6.30 GMT. I left the app open for 30 mins to see if it would come back , but sadly no. Closed and re-oped and it was fine. Any bugs or anyone else with similar issues?

I’m 2 for 2 on Zwift crashing within the hour during rides after the update on WIndows. Mine is crashing
to the desktop during the ride.

Do you guys want to try to drop your log files of the failed rides in and look at things like average frame rate, and network dropouts. You can post screenshots if you want us to look at it.

@Anthony_Doud, did Zwift close of did it just minimize?

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Hi Richard, sorry to hear this.
What platform were you riding? Also, could you open a support ticket by emailing ? We will want your logs and other details.
Thank you

Thank you Gerrie for helping.
Crashes and freezes are not acceptable!
We really try hard to keep the game stable.
Getting feedback on these issues is crucial so again really appreciate you pitching in to collect feedback.

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I’ll give it a try on Zwiftalizer in a few hours.

Yes, totally crashes to the desktop and the fit file gets corrupted. (Recoverable with fit file tools)

Mine crashes at the end when it’s time to save and exit! Frustrating!!!

I’m having the same issues since the update as well. When I go into the logs folder, I am seeing multiple log files for the two rides that crashed on me. Which ones should I be uploading…!

Feel free to private message me

Zwiftalizer doesn’t seem to be showing any issues:

In the log file I am getting a ton of “Unknown BLE Mobile peripheral attached” messages. I’m using assoma duo, elite direto and polar OH1. Data from those seems to display correctly.

Interesting. On another log file I manually disconnected my elite Directo half way through the session and the “Unknown BLE Mobile peripheral attached” messages disappeared after that.

Most of the rest of the clean log is just fitness machine service, fitness machine control point characteristic, target inclination debug information i.e.
“[13:59:01] [FTMS] SIM (-2.5)”

Sorry about this. Suggest you send multiple recent logs. Sometimes it’s tough to tell exactly which one matches the crash session.

To those encountering this crash-
We are monitoring the situation, and hoping to have more guidance on Monday.
We are trying to gather as much info as possible from those affected, and asking them to email

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Will, I’m running Win 10 on an Aspire E17. Normally have no problems. Looking at the logs I have the same as Anthony below, multiple log files.


As a footnote it looks like I’m having ant dongle issues as they have dropped out a number of times. I will carry out the advice given and see if I get better results.


Hi Richard,

I’m Seth from the Zwift Support Team!

Could you send us an email to, and send us full copies of all your logs? You can attached the logs to the email as attachments, though you may need to compress them into a .zip file before hand if they are too big to attach.

We look forward to helping you with this as soon as we can!

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Sadly today the app again froze again as I was climbing box hill. This is the 4th time in 8 days, i have to get off the bike restart the app and go again hoping it won’t freeze. I’ve made sure the ant is protected from sweat , I’ve bought a new USB cable and I’ve checked all the USB ports, I’m not sure what else I can do. I will put today’s logs in Zwift support for you to check.

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