Cancel race/event results pop up from companion app

I wish I could dismiss the pop up results screen at the end of the event or race from the companion app

I have to hop off the bike to cancel the results pop up from the laptop in order to get to my cool down

Don’t they go away automatically after a bit?

Isn’t there a pop-up on the companion app when the results appears! I have a feeling there is.

On Android, there’s no pop up to close the results and they do not automatically close at a certain time. I’ve ridden for a couple miles with that pop up covering the majority of the screen a few times because I’m too lazy to go walk to the laptop

Maybe the iOS app is more advanced?

I will check again.

I have a Bluetooth keyboard on my handle bar makes typing and navigating Zwift easy.

I’m on Android and don’t see the same. When the results auto close on the PC, my Android phone reflects this.

very weird, today I rode a race and the results had an auto close countdown at 60 seconds

the tour of london events last week did not have that same countdown auto close