Group ride summary AUTO CLOSE

For the love of god. My keyboard doesn’t work and there’s no option to close out the ride summary on the Companion app. I had to continue my ride with the summary on the screen the entire time. Incredibly frustrating.

EDIT: The keyboard distance is too far from the PC to work near my bike. This shouldn’t limit someone’s ability to close an open window. Auto close feature or Companion app has always been great for situations like this.

What hardware are you running and how come your keyboard doesn’t work, this sounds more hardware related than a problem with zwift

Hi Martin

Appreciate your concern with my setup. I’m running a PC with the latest Zwift version into a TV. My keyboard and mouse are nearby, and I use the Companion app while in rides to communicate with people around me as needed.

Typically on Zwift after you’ve completed an event or workout, the summary is displayed and there’s an auto close timer that starts for those that don’t have the ability to reach for a keyboard or who do not have the companion app open.

The new feature that shows the ride summary is nice to see, but the close button requires you to either have your mouse or keyboard nearby to click it. There’s no option to close it on the Companion app. If you’re still in the middle of your ride, you’re essentially staring at an open window blocking the view until you’ve completed your desired time on the bike or have to dismount. Of course, assuming you don’t have your keyboard or mouse readily available in front of you.

Hope this helps.


Hi Adam,

I’m having the same issue as you. I’m running windows as well. Have you heard of any fix for this other than dismounting or completely exiting Zwift through the companion app?


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Nothing yet. It seems others find it annoying but not enough to report.