Return to Course after Group Ride?

Still trying to figure out some basic things…

I use a PC for Zwift and have the Companion App running on my Android phone. PC Keyboard is out of reach while I’m riding.

At the end of my group ride this morning, I thought I would be returned to NYC. Two options appeared on my TV screen after my group ride: “Stay Here” and “Return to NYC”. There was a count-down timer. I didn’t want to climb off my bike to reach the keyboard to click on “Return to NYC”, so I thought when the timer expired I would be returned there by default. Instead, after the timer ended, I was still just sitting there in the course that my group ride was on.

Is there some way to return back to my original location (NYC) at the end of a group ride without having to dismount my bike and get to my PC keyboard? Is there a way to do this using the Companion app?


The current default action is to remain at your current location/course/world. I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to remember this wasn’t always the case. Unfortunately, you cannot make the choice via the Companion app. Perhaps a wireless Bluetooth keyboard?


That would also be my solution, makes a lot of things easier, like chatting and navigating.

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Another, potentially easier, option is just a BT mouse. It wouldn’t make chatting any easier, but choosing courses and directions and options could be done.

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These are handy – wireless keyboard and touch panel in one device:

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That can work. Im just thinking wet fingers on the track pad. Look for one with trackball

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Yes, the track pad is glitchy with sweaty fingers.