Lost on course

So my set up a PC about 10 feet away, with the screen a TV.

I ride with my smartphone on the bars, which allows me to do all the usual stuff. Except.

When I look at another rider, and the course happens to change, and we go different ways, I can’t get back to my rider, as I have disappeared from the rider list.

In the end I spotted the little arrow on the TV screen and I got off the bike and clicked on my PC.

I couldn’t find anything on my phone that allowed me to get back to my avatar. 

What am I missing? And there should be a return button, at least on the second screen, where I can wave, text, elbow flick etc. I couldn’t find it.

Have I missed something?



In the smartphone app select the rider you were watching. At the bottom right there is a “spectator view” button (or something that sounds like that). Press it and it will un-select your spectator view and the camera will return to you. 

Thank you. It doesn’t seem so instinctive though. 

Hi Malcom -

Also, there is an on-screen prompt in game to return to your rider at the bottom-left of screen while fan-viewing another rider. 

Thanks. Yes, its on the computer. Which is across the room.

Hi Malcom -

Sorry about that. :frowning:

Yes, otherwise, it is as Winter said. But Zwift Mobile Link should be easier to provide the functionality you seek. We are planning how this could be a better experience.