How to I get back to viewing myself while riding?

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #1

This has been asked at least twice before, but there has been no response from Zwift staff, so I’m going to ask it again in the hope that it raises their attention to the issue…

When I am riding, and I click to view another rider (I want to give them a Ride On for instance), how can I eaily get back to view myself without scrolling or randomly clicking away in the user list to find myself, especially if there are hundreds of riders around me?


(Jon Mayfield) #2

Any time you are in spectator mode there should be a large orange button with a ‘back’ arrow on it down on the bottom left of the screen.  Just click that and it’s a handy shortcut right back to you.


(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #3

Thanks Jon. I can’t say I ever noticed it (or maybe though it would take me to the menu and end my ride). I’ll give it a try tonight.