viewing myself on screen

(C orders WBR(C)) #1

I accidentally clicked on another rider last night and had great difficulty getting back to viewing myself on the screen!!!

(Kyle Polansky) #2

Simply click through the userlist until you click on your name again. If you are having trouble, Try clicking one or 2 spots below the currently selected person, as this will “scroll” the list at 1 or 2 lines per click.

(C orders WBR(C)) #3

I did do that but there were over 100 riders!!

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #4

It would b nice if there was a hot key to reset your view.

(C orders WBR(C)) #5

Totally agree :slight_smile:

(Stewart G teamWBR) #6

Even for it to return to yourself after 10 seconds?