How to display the leader boards

Not sure if this has been mentioned (and finding it on the forum would take a while), and I only ever think of posting it here when I’m on the island, but I finally remembered it while not Zwifting.

If you click on any other rider in the list the camera view will jump to that rider. It will then start switching camera views of that rider every few seconds, which is kind of neat (maybe Zwift should add that ability for one’s own avatar?), but what also happens is the on the left side of the screen you get lists of the top 5 times for the green, orange and polka dot jerseys.

I saw the list of top 5 times, but could not get back to my display. I clicked on my name, and it kept bringing up another different user. How do you get back to your own view. It would be nice to be able to toggle the leaderboard on and off as well.

I have not tried it in the last week or two, but you did the right thing by hitting your name. It should go back to the normal mode when you do that.