Leaderboards on left hand side of screen?

I’ve seen the odd screenshot on the internet with the KOM / Sprint / Lap records permanently displayed but I can’t seem to find the option to turn that display panel on?

I’ve checked the unofficial users guide but there’s nothing mentioned on that either?

Anyone? Thanks!

Humm, they display automatically for me. Are you by chance playing on a slow computer that may be hiding them for performance reasons? If not, you may want to submit a bug report to the Zwift staff.

My PC is pretty beefed up so i doubt it’s that? Infact, I think I might know what it is…

I’ve amended the config files to tailor my experience and achieve best FPS results. I’ll bet I’ve left something out that the update now requires.

I’ll do a full re-install and see if it fixes things.

In my experience the leader board is only on when I have clicked on another rider.  When I click back to myself it goes away.  I’d love a key to toggle it instead of only when viewing another rider.