Last update KOM and Sprint listings is not as good.

After the last update the leader list of the sprint points is not nearly as useful.  prior it would tell you your place.  NOW it shows your time but pops to the number one place, not telling you where you placed in the timing.  Please revert to the prior setting for this.

Actually, I liked this change. The fact that I might be 43rd (on a good day!) is good to know, but all the riders around me on 42nd, 44th, etc is pretty unimportant. So, I would propose a tweak to address David’s point.

Leave the tile as it is (showing the top 5 positions or whatever) but on the left hand side, under my own time, show my position. That way I get to see the overall target time, but can still see my own ranking readily visible.

Leaderboards and timing were totally redone in the last update, and while we tried to make it work the same a few bugs did go out with it - and this is one of them.   I think we’ll change how it works back to the original way, but we might also show the top times as well.  Sort of a hybrid between the current ‘bug’ version and the previous.   What do you guys think of that idea?

Sounds good to me. As I mentioned, personally who is “around me” is pretty meaningless, for the most part. My ranking and the times of the top x (4 or 5 maybe) is important. So, my suggestion (above) would seem a reasonable way to address that without taking up too much real estate.

I had planned to file something here about the original approach since not having the top times seemed like an shame. I personally find the new version much more interesting, with the addition hopefully of my own ranking.

Two cents…

Jon that totally makes sense.  like the top 3-5 then your time +/- 2 people. 


I like the idea Jon

top three, my current and my best in the current ride are what I would like posted after a challenge.


Thumbs up to a hybrid display. Show the top times, but also show the my rank and time.