Leader board has incorrect time

today on the forward KOM, my time was 2:59 (admittedly not world record), but the leader board showed 3.08. even odder was that it correctly had me in the “right place” on the leader board, as my time – at 3.08 – was shown AHEAD of someone with 3.04 (!). my zp companion has the correct time.

I am not fussed, but wanted to bring it to your attention given the other issues with distance, etc.

Hi @Stacey_Rich
Looking at some of our internal conversations, it looks like we had some leader board issues pop up in November that were addressed. What you report may be an unresolved remnant.

Can I ask you a huge favor? Would you be willing to take a screenshot using Zwift Companion when you spot visual oddities, and post them to this forum from your phone? The camera icon along the bottom of Zwift Companion will save a screenshot.

That picture’s worth… 100 words, maybe more in showing our devs what’s up, and would help this community a ton. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also: let us know the route you’re riding at the time you see that leader board. Thanks.