Leaderboard bug

(Nicholas Rodie) #1

Hi. Had a look but couldn’t see this addressed elsewhere.I believe there may be a bug in the leaderboards.

If you set a next fastest time on the next lap, then that should show when the first one expires. I believe this isn’t happening.

Also sometimes it seems to me that if you set a faster time than one you have already set, it may not show. I suspect this could be happening when your position on the leaderboard would not be changed by the new time. eg still 10th.

Combine the 2 events and you can set a fastest time that never displays.

(Matt Sharpe) #2

I believe I read somewhere that this was done intentionally to keep the leaderboards “fresh”. Never made sense to me either. 

(Nicholas Rodie) #3

I understand, and agree with, the hour limit to keep the leaderboards fresh, but this is a different issue. In fact, this is a problem of having stale data.

(Stuart Davis) #4

I had EXACTLY this issue tonight, which I will raise a support for.

I was riding earlier and took the green sprint jersey in 24.66.

I still had it about 15 mins later so on my next lap I thought I’d try and improve it. I went faster, 23.81!

However after I’d stolen it from myself, the leaderboard should have shown my new fastest time - but continued to show the time from my previous lap.

This can’t be anything except a bug?!

(Nicholas Rodie) #5

Doh. Um yeah. This was meant to be a support ticket. I see where I should have posted this now.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #6

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

We are investigating this issue to get a handle on why it is occurring, and will hopefully have a fix in soon.

Ride on!

(Stuart Davis) #7

Is there any update for this?

I’m continuing to see problems which makes the leader boards pointless.

On my last ride on Richmond I bettered the current green jersey time for the first sprint segment, but nothing happened. No green jersey for me, no time showing on the leaderboard. 

Same for the lap time, after I completed my first lap, I had no time or position shown.

If this isn’t resolved soon I don’t think I’ll continue with Zwift next year, it’s competitive things like this that have my interest… and they just don’t work.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #8

@Stuart - When you set a faster time on a segment than your previous effort, it should update. Right now we are investigating why some of these calls are not processing properly. Can you please open a support ticket with the log file from the ride in question, with the byline ‘ATTN: ASAP assign to Lindsay Ruppert’ as the first sentence? We are working as quickly as we can to identify and resolve this issue, and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(Stuart Davis) #9

Hey there, thanks for the update! I’ll dig out the log from the ride in question and forward via a support ticket later :slight_smile: