Issue with LeaderBoards on today's ride

Two leaderboard anomalies occurred on my ride today. 1) I was given the green jersey, but I didn’t earn it. I was nowhere near the sprint, and I was in second place for this jersey at the time. The sprint jersey holder (M. Derosiers) was riding not too far from me and suddenly my polka-dot KOM jersey became green and he lost his jersey. We both noticed this (chatted via messaging), and I am 100% certain that his time at this point the ride was at least a good half-second faster than mine. 2) A while later in the ride, my name was bumped from the green-jersy leaderboard even though my time was at least two seconds fast than the first place holder.

Hi Henry,

If possible, please send in a support ticket with the log files of that particular ride. You can find them in Documents > Zwift > Logs.


Hi Eric,

Ticket opened and log files sent.

All the best!

I had an odd leaderboard issue today.

At the end (cool down) period of my ride I was cruising at 110W clicking around to view from other rider’s POV. Suddenly a rider showed up at 2.74 for the sprint section, then I clicked back to my view and I crossed the sprint finish at 10.00 seconds. There’s no way that was accurate since I was going so slowly. I wonder if one’s own section time is actually recorded properly when in another rider’s POV.


EDIT: Nevermind, as simple as it is I misread the leaderboard.