Leader boards

The other day I rode the Hilly Route on Watopia.  I got to the short sprint, powered through, and…  fourth.  OK, not bad. 

I continued my ride, and a few minutes later, suddenly I was wearing green.

A few minutes later, back to my regular outfit.

Ten minutes after that, back in green…

Maybe the leader boards for the sprints could show the results for the last hour, regardless of whether or not the riders in the list are still on the course?  Or perhaps even options for “Active”, “1 Hour”, and “Today”.

Could also apply to the KOM leader boards, but I really don’t know about that since I’m unlikely to see the top of those any time soon…!

I think there’s a danger of over complicating it with your suggestion.  The circumstance you mention above is rare in that somebody has taken your jersey then finished riding shortly after.  Ordinarily when you lose the jersey you don’t get it back unless you go one better than whoever stole it off your back!

Well done for getting one, I used to get a jersey now and again in the old days.  Too many better riders around these days.