Lose the Jerseys?

Hi. With the warm weather and racing fully on I am only getting on the island once a week. I have noticed the times for all the jerseys are still way off. The green Jersey seems to be the only one that seems to consistently have a believable time set. I was thinking you guys should just get rid of the jerseys. It is clear that this is a tough thing for ZWIFT to sort through. Leave the banners and still time it for personal PRs, etc. I am willing to bet a lot of people don’t even try for them anymore. If the jerseys are gone you might see some more-motivated riders out there. You can always add them back in to the game if you figure out a way to make them relevant.

I usually have a go and sometimes win them. I rarely get orange, but am usually within a minute of it, however I have a reasonable success rate with the shorter spots and green. I often don’t hold them for long mind.

Yes. I will go for orange if the fast time is 14-15 minutes and the KOM is 2- 2 and a half minutes. 2 minutes for the KOM I have to push past anything I have experienced racing Pro 1-2 races. So, I know if someone is clocking 1 minute 40 seconds KOM and a 12 minute Orange Jersey it is physically impossible. I am sure there are Pros who can do it, but they are not in ZWIFT right now. It’s not that those times are demoralizing because I know they are not legit. It just makes it not worth the effort. Which is my point. I know I can’t be the only one who sees it this way.

I guess I’ve been lucky in my times. I’ve not noticed something which wasn’t only just beyond what I could do.

Just to be aware, our CEO rides on a CompuTrainer and has a PR of 1:42 on the KOM (for the Strava segment). It’s hard but it *is* humanly possible by non-pros.

Keep them, ive not won yet and its great motivation to try harder, nearest i got was a 7th for the green one. Maybe one day ill get one

Don’t forget that the jerserys are not permanent. If you are riding for over an hour with the jersey, it gets removed, and can be challenged by the next fastest rider - there is a little pie symbol appears on the LEFT hand leader board when you are nearing time up

Just to second Eric on that one, my PB on the KOM is 1:48 and I know quite a lot of non-pros here around who are able to easily break the 1:40 mark… sometimes hard to figure out the effect of genetic predisposition and of many years of competitive training.

What if you kept the overall jerseys, but also allowed riders to get a modified version for racing their 30 day PR? Once you get 5+ (idk random number) data points for a given segment you can win that jersey by beating your previous PR. 

It would also be cool if everyone was put into categories based off performance. Everyone starts their new account as CAT 5 and then based off their performances and times people would move up. That way I could still challenge someone in cat 4 for the KOM even though 2 minutes seems impossible to me.