Jersey Timeouts

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #1


I was riding today and had all three jerseys. Admittedly against a small field but 7:28 is a good lap at any time. I also got the KOM on my ‘hot’ lap and later took the green jersey.

After an hour, while I was still riding and nobody had beaten any of my times, I first lost the KOM and the Lap jersey. They just went to the next fastest rider.

I understand passing on the jersey when someone logs off, or after a period of inactivity even if they are logged in.

But no way should the jersey just be stripped while you’re still riding and nobody has set a better time. Sorry I just don’t think that is fair or right - I’m struggling to even think what the reason behind it is.

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #2

I agree, Christopher. I noticed the same thing. My understanding was that the latest update would allow you to sign off for an hour and then come back in within that time and keep your jersey (if it was the fastest time). However, it appears that it clears you after an hour even if you have continued to ride! Seems to me that as long as you are on the island turning your pedals, you should be considered an active participant and not get penalized in this way.

Now, if only I could deal with the fact that my legs can’t turn the pedals fast enough to get the jerseys… but that’s not Zwift’s fault!

(Christian Kerr WBR C) #3

Same happened to me…  as a part of a 3 hours session I got all three Jerseys early in the ride… and thought how cool to keep riding with them until my times were beaten… after an hour all three were just stripped and my times were dropped of the board… As I was still cycling I thought this was unfair.

One of the times held by a rider who was inactive for an hour, as I kept lapping his stationary bike… 5 Minutes in inactivity the time should be dropped.


If you keep cycling then your times should remain on the board until they are beaten or you stop cycling.   0 watts for 5 minutes means you have stopped cycling!