Dropping off leaderboards

(Timothy Harkness) #1

I did a 2 hour ride this morning, won all 3 jerseys, and then lost them all after my fastest times were erased, but more recent and slower times retained. A bit vexing to see other people riding around in my jerseys!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Your times are only valid for a certain period of time (about an hour).  If you want to get your jerseys back you need to put in another good time - no resting on your laurels.

(Ride ide Safely) #3


(Timothy Harkness) #4

Ha ha. Fair enough.

(Greg Dace - Ames Velo) #5

I was on the island when that happened.  The sprint jersey went from you to me and back to you very quickly.  Seemed odd.

(Timothy Harkness) #6

Yes I saw that. I’ll keep an eye on this. I wasn’t contesting the sprint at the time.

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #7

From my experience - If you’ve set the second fastest time (while having the fastest time) the jersey(s) may appear to bounce around a little when it times out (~60mins) and while your ‘new’ time hits the top of the leader board.