Previous best not showing on sprints

I rode Makuri Islands today and diod the chase the sun course and carried on after I had finished and noticed that my previous time wasn’t showing on the leaderboard.

this was my second time for that sprint on that ride and I was not showing on the leaderboard.

I’m not fast and so not too much of an issue for me as i’ll never be near the top but thought I’d flag it.

How long do those leaderboards keep results? 60 minutes? Maybe your first result had timed out by the time you got back to it?

maybe - i had thought that they stayed there until you ended your ride but you could be right.

confirmed on zwiftinsider:

The way the Leaderboards work, you’re competing against riders who have ridden the segment during the preceding 60 minutes. There’s no controlling this, so if a pro-level Zwifter rode it five minutes before your effort, you’ll be out of luck. And until a recent update, that individual’s best time was locked in until it timed out 60 minutes later (or they exited Zwift).

Bug, or Feature?

As it currently works, riders can also “self-eliminate” themselves by riding a slower time on a subsequent try, even if their best effort remains within the 60 minutes. For instance, the sprint Leaderboard lists Rider A at 10.00 seconds (with the Green Jersey), Rider B at 10.20, and Rider C at 10.30. If Rider A re-rides the sprint and now finishes in a time of 10.50 seconds, that erases the 10.00 effort and Rider B now has the Green Jersey. (Previously, Rider A would remain on the Leaderboard and stay in Green with the 10.00 effort until someone rides faster, the 60‑minute mark, or exiting.) Personally, I don’t care for this revision as it makes earning combined jerseys more difficult, despite already putting in the effort to achieve a segment.


thanks - after 6 years on Zwift you’d have thought I’d have noticed that before! haha

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Probably stupid question but what was the time of your previous time that should have been showing on this leaderboard.

I can’t remember, it wouldn’t have been on that board I know that much

Also, I see leaderboard results for upcoming routes and sprints that are not associated with my chosen route. There are so many of these that the result of my sprint was shown only once, only for an instant (so I couldn’t get a photo of it), and none of my previous record results were shown. I was on the Beach Island route on Watopia.