Workout mode gave me KOM & fastest lap jerseys

Whilst on a workout today - TT Core2 workout - for some random reason I was awarded both the KOM and fastest lap (orange) jerseys.


Whilst I’d love to earn them in the normal way, I’m sure that the contrived pace that the game shows compared to the effort actually put in during a workout shouldn’t be correlated into giving an actual Jersey award.


Using a Wahoo Kickr and had 210W set as FTP.

Hope this helps with bug-testing. Cheers - Ride on!


There’s no contrived pace in workout mode - it’s the same physics as always and your power will propel the avatar through the world as normal.    It seems unlikely that a workout would be so intense as to give you an orange jersey so it does sound like there’s a bug.  What map did this happen on, Richmond?

this was on Richmond.

if the power I’m putting down propels me through the Zwift world as normal how come, when my workout switches from 60w effort required to 230w effort required, my avatar continues at the same speed?

This is particularly noticeable on the steep climbs. Where the avatar climbs at a consistent rate even after a significant power change.

I don’t believe that to be the case - we use watts like we always have.  On a hill the acceleration between 60w and 230w would be gradual, but it’ll accelerate.  I just ran a test here and it worked as expected when switching from 60w to 300w in a workout. The avatar gradually went from 4mph to 9 or so.   Next time you head out in workout mode can you give it a second try and see?

I wonder - when you got the orange jersey, did you see a bunch of other riders in the map or were you all alone?

Hi, I’d love to agree with you but it didn’t appear to happen like that. This was a 1hr 52min workout so I had plenty of time to observe what was going on.

I’m sure your guys have the data from the ride so will be able to analyse it.

Yes, I could see all the other riders on the map and on the list to the right. I checked who was nearby and there were a number of riders averaging 5w/kg or thereabouts, hence another reason why I was surprised to get the jerseys.

I took a screenshot of the jerseys and would be happy to email it to zwift support.


cheers - and hope this helps.

Just had a look at the workout screen and can confirm that the ‘use ERG mode’ radio button was enabled & I did feel the resistance changing as I moved between intervals.