Not being awarded women's jerseys for kom/sprint/lap

So for the past couple of rides I’ve not being awarded the kom, sprint or lap jerseys when I’ve won them by a big margin. I’m there up on the (female) leader board as 1st but no cool tshirt(s). I’ve seen other females with them on the riders near you panel, so they can’t of got rid of the women’s awards. Also a few days ago I got the goaty kom and it was taken by someone on a Workout ride - I thought jerseys were deactivated when you did a Workout/Training ride. It all seems messed up on Zwift at the moment!

My wife had this happen this week as well.

For the record though, workout mode has never prevented her from earning the jerseys.



I apologize for the confusion. This is a bug that we are tracking down currently. Thank you for your patience! 

Thanks Zwift-Tyler-person, response to the query is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me today on the EPIC KOM route!  I was on the leaderboard as the female leader and did not get the jersey!  Even WORSE, at the end of the full pretzel ride with 4471 ft of climbing and 45.2 miles that were accumulated and saved at the end of the ride with the new totals, they totally disappeared from my totals when I signed back in!!!  So I basically lost all of that ride, even though it was saved appropriately and uploaded to strava and training peaks just fine.  I just submitted a report ticket so will see what happens!

Any update on this bug being fixed?

My Wife should have had 4 different leader Jerseys this morning but got none of them, I noticed that the female who had the QOM on hilly route was actually the slowest over that route!

Just got back into zwift for winter. Any chance that the women’s jerseys other than the QOM are coming back? Like a women’s sprint, overall etc.? Kind of hard to compete with the men for those otherwise…


Seems like it’s all sorted now :slight_smile: