Multiple jersey's not being shown any more? of polka dot allocation broken?

(Marcus Durant) #1

Could be a bug, could be a glitch, just thought id let you know.

Last night I had a couple of occasions when I had 2 fastest times at the same time, but never saw the combination jerseys in the game.

I started out with green, I then won the KOM, but only the green showed up on my back.

After the KOM attempt, I then went on to try for a fast lap and won the orange. During that lap I lost the green, but the polka dot never appeared even though I still had the fastest time. I completed the lap with the fastest time and so gained the orange jersey, but at no time did i see a polka dot.

I held the KOM until I logged out after 1h30 mins but never once saw the polka dot jersey in any form. there was no icon for it either when riding on the other direction.

Hope this makes sense. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hey Marcus,

Please submit a support ticket and include your log files from that ride. You can find those log files in Documents > Zwift > Logs


(Marcus Durant) #3

ticket 10314. Cheers.

(Jason K) #4

While we replied individually to Marcus, we’re still investigating this issue. If anyone else runs into this, send us screenshots and your log.txt file so we can investigate further. Thanks!

(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

Hi Marcus!

After reviewing your log from that ride, we’ve confirmed that you did receive the KOM jersey after taking the sprint jersey, and held it for roughly half an hour before it was stolen from you by another rider.

During the time period that you had both jerseys, do you remember seeing any mountains on your jersey kit? The polka dots are only visible while you are holding the KOM jersey by itself. When paired with a second jersey, it is represented by a mountain range along the bottom of the jersey.


(Marcus Durant) #6

I don’t recall seeing the mountain, ill try again.  I’m on right now. 

(Marcus Durant) #7

Definately did NOT look like this?. Cheers 

Will upload image later,  not woworking from phone 

(Marcus Durant) #8

(Kelly Lynam) #9

Same happened to me before - I screenshot tonight. I first won the QOM then the green. Hope this helps - would love to see what a polka dot / green combo is supposed to look like, even if I have to win them again!