Disappearing workout

Hi there i have some odd thing happen on my ride today. Hoping someone can make sense of it for me.

I did the big loop today but I didn’t get the badge in game. After ending the ride I see I got credit at least for the meters climbed I know because going in I was at 49,001 meters now it’s 49,667 but the workout doesn’t show up on my activities. The other odd thing was coming out of the jungle loop I got some KOM jersey or something. There wasn’t a climb. Am I missing something? Are things like this common? I was thinking about checking off one of the really long rides but I’m a bit scared of doing a 6 hr ride and not getting the badge. Any help would be appreciated.

You can pick up a KOM jersey at any time, if all of the people ahead of you on a previously completed KOM segment log off or their KOM results expire.

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I just completed a London Ride and it showed on activities and I added a comment and then it disappeared and is no longer there. I downloaded the file to Golden Cheetah and it is all there with no indicated dropouts or other problems. Very odd!

It’s amazing how badges, unlocks and logs of data are so motivating. Missing workouts shouldn’t matter but they do!

Yeah, has happened to me on two recent occasions Most recent was today when I thought I was on one of the px Innsbruck routes, no finish line despite carrying on for another 8 km and 30m of climbing. I am not unfamiliar with Zwift and have clearly completed routes previously and collected the appropriate badges. Yes, whilst not mattering in the scheme of things, the point of them being there is to provide an incentive and motivation to ride.