Didn't get Tire-Bouchon route badge and double xp yesterday

Hi all, the Zwift activity is: 1521922077941055488
Strava activity: 10564601308

I rode this course yesterday from start to finish during a workout but no badge and no extra XP were credited. Also not for my riding partner during the meetup. Any ideas why? This route seems to be buggy. How can I still receive it? @Zwift support

Unfortunately, it looks like you stopped your ride a couple of km from the route’s end (which is the “reverse” petit kom banner), which would probably explain the badge not being awarded.

Oh no… Really? Because on one of my Screenshots you can see the blue progress bar of the route after workout ended and it says that the finish line :checkered_flag: is after 61.9 km. 7.9 km to go. It also indicated that I completed the route when I finished the ride after 62.5 km, because it went to zero again.

If thats the case, then it is very misleading by Zwift

We selected the route Tire-Bouchon for the ride, assuming it would start right from the starting point and not a few km later… so idk about this

Ah I see, did you set this up as meetup, then do the workout after joining the meetup? I’ve had issues with this exact issue before, as setting the distance in a meetup doesn’t necessarily take into account any required “lead-in” for the route (I’ve had issues the other way around in London, where the lead in was skipped, but I’d added the distance into the meetup’s length; so we ended up going further than needed) - tire-bouchon starts you off near the pens, before needing you to get up the hill and through the petit kom banner before the route officially starts.

There’s no real work around that I’m aware for meetups to avoid manually trying to calculate the required distance (if you’re in a club, you can select specific laps of a route to avoid this, but the workout selection is somewhat more limited).

Not much consolation I realise, but you were only a couple of a km from the finish (bascially just up the hill and to the left - and there are plenty of tour de zwift events coming up in the next week for tire-bouchon; in case you fancy attempting the route again.

Yes, you are right. Thats exactly how we set this up.
Not sure whether the meetup organizer set up a target distance or duration. A duration would have been better probably. I was assuming the blue bar is showing the route progress. Now looking at the route datails, I think you are right… there was a little lead in.

So looks like we were 2,5 km short… thats unfortunate to say the least. There is no other way around it than doing the route again. Thanks for your answer! It was helpful.

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