Why I did not get the tire Bouchon route badge?

I just made a groupe ride on the tire bouchon Route, The ride is a 2 hours ride and in total I ride 65km.
Accrding to zwiftinsider, tire bouchon is a 60km

Why in the end on the ride, I did not get the badge ? I mean I ride 65 Km which 5 km over the route length !

Thanks to help me understand

It’s hard to say, as I can’t find your profile name as a valid Zwift name and, therefore, can’t look at your activity, but my guess is that you didn’t ride far enough. The Tre Bouchon route starts, and finishes at the arch at the top of the Petit KOM, so unless you rode all the way to that at the end you may have come up short. With a 65km ride, though, I would have thought you would have covered the entire route.

Another possibility is that you’ve ridden this route previously, and received the badge at that time.So you might want to check your list of badges and see if it’s there.

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i think i ome short of a few kms

Did the same this week, rode 76km, no badge.