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I’m confused by the ZWIFT achievement badges! Yesterday I followed the exact route of ‘Tire Bouchon’ in France and I got a STRAVA section for that route but I did not get the achievement badge. Later on I did ‘Petit Boucle’ in the same World but, this time, I actually clicked on that route rather than follow it manually. I got the badge this time. Doesn’t seem to make sense!?
At least I know now why I haven’t ‘officially’ done so many of the routes even though I really have done them hundreds of times!!

Yeah, you have to select the route before you start the ride to get a badge. Restart, rinse and repeat if you want to ride multiple badges after one another.

(And make sure you know where the finish line is (including whatever lead-in there might be to the point where the route with the indicated distance and climbing actually starts), and hope that there are no relevant active bugs, and…)


Just tried this same route and did not receive the Badge as well. Did you ever resolve this? I did it as a Zwift Event and picked the route.

I completed Tire Bouchon last weekend. You have to select the route at the log in screens then don’t touch the keyboard to affect any manual turns.
If you make a manual turn, you may not get credit for the course but sometimes, an inadvertant U turn, if quickly corrected, is over looked.

Reviewing the Strava segment, it appears you need to keep going past the Event’s distance and complete a bonus climb. (At least for Strava segment, so I’d hope Zwift would work.) Google ‘Tire-Bouchon (Zwift Insider verified)’ to see the finish line extra miles on the climb.

When I revisit this, I’ll aim to skip the event format and go the extra miles. Good to hear others had success completing.

The route you did approx 4 hours ago titled Festive500 Route2 didnt complete the route - you had to go through the banner at the top of that climb as you indicated but the climb is part of the route, its not a bonus climb as such. see Zwftinsider article

What Zwift event was it? I cant see any events using that route since Tuesday but perhaps the event was not correctly advertised?

I created a Meetup Event with Friends. The route was completed and I rode a little extra, with no route achievement. Tomorrow I’ll do it again, but finish the climb to get credit.

Setting the Meetup distance to be the route length has nothing to do with whether you complete the route or not, because it doesn’t take into account the lead-in.

If you want to do it that way, then add the lead-in from to the route length, but make sure you know for sure from the article where the finish banner is.

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Understood. I did not modify the distance, I selected the route, which typically sets the full distance. First time I’ve encountered it setting a default distance shorter than the route’s full distance for credit.

Should be able to knock it out today without much issue, but would hope Zwift corrects the default Event distance so others wont be puzzled.

Ah yes. Sorry, I forgot that it does that (I do lots of meetups but time-defined ones). Another of Zwift’s “interesting” decisions in implementation.

Do check out for the full information on where routes finish, and much more besides.

Completed the route today. It is exactly 40 miles if you pick the route from start. So it turns out, I was 0.69 miles away from completing the route yesterday, but saw I was climbing Ventop and gave up as I had plenty of miles in my legs. First time seeing a Zwift Meetup give a shorter distance.

I also used ZwiftInsider to calculate the distance, which gave me 39.8 miles total if you do 37.9 + 1.9 Lead-in, so that was why I was so puzzled on not being done when I was 39.31 miles in. Also, total elevation is 1,939 ft which is a fair bit higher than the 1,414’ advertised on Zwift insider, due to the Lead-in and final climb.

Typically, when doing a Meetup for Routes, it would often skip the Lead Out section. (Or for the glitched reverse Innsbruck routes, it would start you correctly to avoid having to do the loop twice…ugh those were miserable.)

Thanks again for the feedback folks. Nice to knock this off the list.

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