Achievement Badges

I’m confused by the ZWIFT achievement badges! Yesterday I followed the exact route of ‘Tire Bouchon’ in France and I got a STRAVA section for that route but I did not get the achievement badge. Later on I did ‘Petit Boucle’ in the same World but, this time, I actually clicked on that route rather than follow it manually. I got the badge this time. Doesn’t seem to make sense!?
At least I know now why I haven’t ‘officially’ done so many of the routes even though I really have done them hundreds of times!!

Yeah, you have to select the route before you start the ride to get a badge. Restart, rinse and repeat if you want to ride multiple badges after one another.

(And make sure you know where the finish line is (including whatever lead-in there might be to the point where the route with the indicated distance and climbing actually starts), and hope that there are no relevant active bugs, and…)