Unknown Achievement Badge?

I’ve managed to collect every single KNOWN achievement badge for both riding and running, to include, of course, all the route badges (with France maps update) and all the “secret” badges (vEveresting, run sub5 mile, marathon, etc). My list shows 139/139 badges and I was thinking similar to many video games that there may be a “100% completion” type badge unlocked. Alas, not the case! I’ve purchased every virtual wheel set in-game and am working my way through purchasing every bike as well (my favorite combo to ride is 808/Super 9 on the Safety Bike) and should be able to Level up to 50 this week. I’m maxed at Level 21 for running as well.

I’ve scoured the forums, all the most relevant and helpful Zwift fan sites and have even exchanged emails with Zwift support desk to determine IF there may in fact be other badges that are still unknown. Some may say this is unlikely, but remember that the Everesting and the Liftoff badges were relatively recent happy discoveries! Zwift support did not directly answer my query with a “NO”, but rather said that Zwift leaves it up to the community to discover. Understandably.

SO, Community: is there anything I’m missing?? What else has yet to be discovered? Am I going to be buying a Concept2 rower when that update is released? (yes) Is this considered in my application to be a Zwift Ambassador?

I am trying to get all the badges as well, though my hubby is way ahead of me, having all except some new France and Paris ones.

Do you have all the badges from doing events?
That’s the only thing I can think of now, as they’re not as easy to find

And have you found any hidden ones in France and Paris yet?