Achievements Question

I recently completed all the general achievements, cycling achievements, and route achievements for cycling. However, it says I am missing 22 achievements on the top blue bar. What are they? I am very confused and frustrated.

There are hidden achievements like hitting 1000w or something

I think you are talking about extra credit ones which I have most of but I am still 22 short.

How about the running ones?

How many do you have? How many does it say there are on your screen?

If you have 106/128. Most if not all of your missing 22 will be running badges.

There are a couple of other threads that have discussed this topic in the past. Here is the most recent one:

Maybe ask @Reamonn_Lenkas, he has been quite fanatical :joy: about these badges and done quite a bit of research.


The Achievement Badge part of the game is an utter farce.

But the fact is, most Zwifters do not understand or care about this.

Until the community is more vocal about this flaw Zwift will not do a thing about it.