Zwift Badges

I’m still fairly new to Zwift, and brand new to the forums. I’ve been working away at the Achievement Badges but I can’t work out what is required to complete them all. According the app there are 46 badges available. The Zwift support pages show 39 General + Cycling badges. Some Google searching suggested that the total includes running badges. But according to Zwift support there are 13 running badges. So surely the total should be 52 for General + Cycling + Running. Otherwise there are 7 cycling badges not shown on the Zwift support page???

There are hidden badges (i.e., not shown) on the Badges page/listing. If I remember correctly, all of the wattage target badges are hidden and when achieved appear as “Extra Credit”. There are six or seven of those.

Thanks, but the ‘Extra Credit’ badges are included in that total of 39: