Maximum number of badges/achievements

Something that has been bothering me for a while in Zwift is the total number of achievements. Somehow I can’t figure out how the total maximum number of badges/achievements is calculated. I tried to ask the question on the Zwift Wiki of Fandom, but didn’t get a final answer.

I use Zwift for cycling and in the badges screen it says that at the moment (14.03.2023) there are a total of 190 badges and I have achieved 161 of them.

If I look up what badges there are I get:
General achievements: 12
Cycling achievements: 17
Extra credit achievements: 10
Route achievements: 129

If I add them up I get 12+17+10+129 = 168

Where are the 22 = 190 - 168 missing achievements?

If I sum up the badges that I already have, I do get the 161 that are displayed. I have now:
General achievements: 12/12
Cycling achievements: 17/17
Extra credit achievements: 5/10
Route achievements: 127/129

161 = 12 + 17 + 5 + 127

Anybody any idea on how it works?

Also, on the other forum another person mentioned they only see 188 as the total number of achievements.

Out of curiosity I just checked and it tells me there’s 193 available and I’ve got 155. But according to the breakdown I get it only lists 166 available (compared to yours I only have 8 available for extra credit).

General achievements: 11/12
Cycling achievements: 15/17
Extra Credit: 8/8
Route achievements: 121/129

Zwift Insider thinks there’s at least 12 Extra Credit Badges.

maybe that total includes running badges?

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Yes, I’ve read somewhere that running badges are also counted. Which is a bit silly/annoying as I am not going to run on Zwift.

So essentially there are still two questions that so far haven’t been answered yet:

  • Why do different users see different numbers of total available achievements?
  • What is the breakdown of this total number?

I see a total of 190. Someone else here sees 193 and another person has reported 188. What could be different between users that explains these differences?

It has been suggested that the running badges also count towards the total number of achievements. I only cycle on Zwift. Could somebody that does both running and cycling confirm / disprove the hypothesis?
But even if the running achievements would count, I can’t find a way such that the total sum would add up…

Indeed, but only 10 out of those are cycling achievements.

The running badges are included in the total, but I don’t think the extra credit badges you haven’t yet gotten show up in the total until you get them. This is why I believe people are seeing different numbers.

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Yep just like Aaron said! Hidden badges stays hidden until you got them.
Not totally agreeing the logic though, but that how it is.
Still something like 250km short on “last one”. “last one” since I think there’s at least two hidden ones more for me. Run badge for marathon and Bike badge for everesting.
So 197 might be the absolute total? For now :smiley:

Great, thanks for the help! I think I understand now.

The maximum number of achievements shown on the badges screen is:
Total number of General Achievements (12) +
Total number of Cycling Achievements (17) +
Total number of Cycling Route Achievements (129) +
Total number of Running Achievements (11) +
Total number of Running Route Achievements (16) +
Achieved number of Extra Credit (x/12)

This number varies between
185 ( = 12 general + 17 cycling + 129 cycling route + 11 running + 16 running route + 0 extra)
for a new user and
197 ( = 12 general + 17 cycling + 129 cycling route + 11 running + 16 running route + 10 cycling extra + 2 running extra)
for someone who has achieved all extra credit in both running and cycling.

A cyclist can only achieve a maximum of
168 ( = 12 general + 17 cycling + 129 cycling route + 10 cycling extra)
195 ( = 12 general + 17 cycling + 129 cycling route + 11 running + 16 running route + 10 cycling extra)

I have achieved 5 extra credit and therefore I see 190 as the total number. I have achieved 162 out of them, so 6 more to go :slight_smile:

That looks correct. It would be nice if they split the cycling and running ones into separate totals for folks who just don’t use the platform for running (and vice versa), but it is what it is :slight_smile:

They need a ‘Figured Out The Badge System’ badge.


If you never record a run, you won’t see the running badges and the “total available” (as shown on the Zwift achievements page) won’t include them. Imagine my shock when I recorded one trial treadmill run and was suddenly even further away from achieving them all than I had been!

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Mine shows the running badges in the total and I haven’t been close to a treadmill in years.

Edit: Certainly have never recorded a run in Zwift.

I have 197 in total. Running and cycling

12 General activity Badges
17 Cycling Achievement
129 Cycling Route Badges
11 Running Achievement Badges
16 Running Route Badges
12 Extra Credit Badges

I would imagine that, if there are any badges that I don’t have, they could only be in the Extra Credit section but I am not aware of any

So now that there are 206 badges, what are the new 10? I see 4 new routes, are there more extra credit badges?

There are 2 climb portal badges, and I thought 8 new routes. Not sure if that is the new 10 or not.

Actually there is 3 climb portal badges. For first time, then 10x and 25x
…and my current max is 210 badges

Ah, forgot about the first one.

Ok, so if someone noticed 10 new badges they were probably:

  • 3 climb portal badges
  • 4 currently available new route badges from the coast expansion
  • 3 rebel route badges whose route you can ride in the last TdZ stage (spiral into the volcano, big flat 8, castle crit),
  • 1 badge for Repack Rush


I’m not sure how 197 to 206 is 10 new badges !?

This is what was listed in post above from June. I have added what I think there now is:

12 General activity Badges Now 12
17 Cycling Achievement. Now 20 (3x Climb Portal )
129 Cycling Route Badges. Now 141 (8 x Coastal, Repack Rush, 3xRebel )
11 Running Achievement Badges Now 11
16 Running Route Badges. Now 16

Was 185. Now 200

Plus however many ‘hidden’ extra credits you have.

12 Extra Credit Badges

So June poster saw 197 and would probably now see 212.

15 new badges since June.