Complete list of achievements

Does anyone know where I can get a complete list of all achievements.

my achievement list says there are 40 in total

however the list online shows 39?

Not to my knowledge. This is another one of the many secrets that zwift keeps hidden for some unknown reason. Instead of using it as a tool to motivate people, it more on a “hey good job, you did this random thing you probably didn’t know that you did.”


Why all the secrecy… I like a challenge… just tell me what i need to do!!!


The total is different for everyone. The list includes 10 extra credit achievements that don’t count toward the total if you haven’t achieved them. And then there are 11 Running Achievements that will appear only when you start using Zwift for running. Plus there are also extra credit achievements for running.

e.g. My total is 45 since I use Zwift for both cycling and running, and I’ve gotten 5 extra credit achievements.

I don’t get it though… Zwift gives an option when you start to choose between run, cycle or both.

Would I be right in assuming that if you select just cycling - the running badges don’t count?

Yeah, the running badges will only show up when you join running. Plus the running badges list here shows there are 13 running achievement badges but it only shows 11 by default (missing the full marathon and olympian badges).

@Reamonn_Lenkas was previously on a mission to determine all the available achievements. Maybe he can chime in w/some information or an update on what he found.

Goingby this link then. There are 39 achievements excluding the running ones and including all the secret achievements.

However my dashboard shows there are 40 excluding the running and including the secrets.

It looks like there is one additional achievement that’s not noted on the list above?

If your dashboard shows 40 just scroll down and it will show what you already have and what you’re missing. Just compare your list with the website.

The achievement badge system is a mess. The overall total for all Zwifters lumps both cycling and running badges together, whether you do both sports or not. Except they missed 2 of the running badges from the total as somebody else mentioned. There are also additional cycling badges but they only increase the total number once you have unlocked them - such as completing the Alpe in under an hour/hitting 1200 watts.

There are 39 known cycling badges. But Zwift confirmed to me there is a maximum of 41 badges available to cyclists. Meaning there are 2 Easter eggs out there waiting to be discovered - in the same way as I understand the ‘Everesting’ badge was a relatively recent discovery.

But worth noting that even if you discovered all the hidden achievements you will never get to 100% completion if you don’t run as well. Crazy.

Zwift did also hint that they might drop the combined running and cycling total when run comes out of beta so let’s hope they see sense as the current setup makes the badges worthless IMO.


Haha FRiC you would expect things to be that simple.

I picked up another achievement last night. (700 watts- woo woo) now the total shows 22/41 achievements as opposed to 21/40. … Fair enough.

But there are only 6 achievements showing greyed out and incomplete. What are the other 13? Lol.

It’s all quite messy.

I have come to the conclusion that the original 40 are a combination of both cycling and running achievements - excluding any hidden achievements… Which will be added in addition as they are completed by the user.

Why not just show the total number of achievements available… whatever the number is. Keep some as secrets if they like. But add them into the overall total and instead of giving instructions eg “complete 25 laps of the volcano circuit” - highlight them as “this is a secret achievement”

The Xbox and playstation have been doing it for years… It works well and encourages users to try and push to unlock all badges.

Just my thoughts

Well, the hidden achievements are truly hidden, i.e. you can’t see them unless you achieve them, but otherwise you can see all the available achievements in the badge screen, where the ones that you don’t yet have are grayed out, so it’s quite easy to see exactly what you’re missing, and you can compare to the full list?

yeah i understand how it all works now… but it still leaves a messy interface for anyone that isn’t a zwift runner.

Cycle only users have the running achievements removed from the achievement list but not from the overall tally.

I wish they added more as another incentive to do something on zwift.


That could make a cool thread… Suggested achievements/ what would you like to see???

My current total is 77/124

I can’t imagine getting them all anytime soon but I’m plugging away slowly. There are 26 cycling ones left to get and the rest (21) must be running ones (which I don’t do)

There are 128 by now. :slight_smile:
21 running (11 normal, 10 routes) and 2 extras running.

I’m committed to never getting some of them like Everested. But 128 is so many!

I think there is 129 badges:
12x General Achievements
17x Cycling Achievements
67x Route Achievements
11x Running Achievements
10x Running Route Achievements
10x Cycling Extra Credit
2x Running Extra Credit

There are few extra credit badges that are hard to get: 30x ride on, 100x ride on, vEveresting, Run 26.2 miles, run a mile in less than 5 min.

Need find that 1 missed extra cycling one :joy::joy::joy: