Missing Running Achievement Badges

I have raised this issue with support but they now appear to be ignoring me so I thought I’d try here.

There are two Running Badges missing from the list of total badges available - which also affects the totals for Zwifters who cycle exclusively.

There are 13 Running Badges listed on the Zwift support pages here.

And here is a grab of those running-specific badges:

However Zwift for runners only shows 11 badges - the grab below came from a fellow Zwifter who runs and cycles:

According to Zwift support, there are 12 General Badges, 17 Cycling Badges and 13 Running badges(above) which would give a base total of 42 badges available.

There are also 10 ‘Extra Credit’ badges that only add to your overall total once they are completed.

So the absolute maximum number of achievements available should be 52.

But if you look at my running friend’s achivements and do some arithmetic - were he to complete the 100 Credit and Everesting ‘Extra Credits’, his maximum total would only be 50 - not 52.

This is all very boring I am sure, but there are few points here:

There are two badges missing in ‘Running Achievements’.

There is no mention anywhere on Zwift that the two missing badges (‘Going to Distance’ or ‘Olympian’) are ‘Extra Credits’.

And more annoying than any of that, Zwift forces everybody - whether they only cycle or only run on Zwift to have the same number of achievements to complete as a Zwifter who does both.

Meaning if you never run on Zwift, it is impossible to achieve 100% completion of the badges. And if you never cycle on Zwift, it is impossible to achieve 100% completion of the badges.

If Zwift can manage the ‘Extra Credit’ system to only add to the total when they complete the achievement, surely they can manage to keep the totals for either running or cycling separate until that Zwifter signs up for the opposite discipline?

Thereby allowing cyclists to achieve 39 out of 39. And similarly, allowing runners to achieve 25 out of 25 (if they fix the missing two badges). Leaving the hard-core cyclist/runners to aim for 52 out of 52 - again, if the missing 2 bug is fixed.

You couldn’t just post this on one of the other threads you have started on Badges in the last week?

I might be merging all of the threads into one since they have the Sam theme.

When I originally posted this I didn’t know it was a bug, it was a general question.

The reason I didn’t know it was a bug was because Zwift support wouldn’t answer the simple question - were the running badges included in my overall total or not.

They initially hinted that there were badges still to be discovered so I had no idea what the ‘base max’ and absolute maximum were.

It was only when the runner replied that I discovered what the actual problem was. Which is why I created a new post in the bug section.

Please feel free to merge whatever you like. As I said, I am new to the forums and have no idea how you go about that.

@Reamonn_Lenkas You are really obsessed with these badges :rofl:

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Yup. And it appears that I am on to something :wink:

Edit #2: I see we actually reached out to you (and I’m super late) and we’ve gotten it taken care of. This is not a bug but more of an “easter egg” or hidden achievement that will not show up until completed. If you think this should change feel free to send in a Feature Request :slight_smile:

Hey @Reamonn_Lenkas our apologies for the delay! We have a badge issue that we are currently monitoring and this seems to be in the same vein. I will get updates as soon as possible, thank you for the heads up!

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That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you - the numbers don’t add up.

And y’all thought I was some crazy obsessive! :wink:

For anyone catching up on this thread, here is (hopefully) a quick summary.

Zwift support redeemed themselves by giving some straight answers. And I understand now (mostly) why they were so evasive.

There are hidden ‘easter egg’ achievements in the game. They confirmed there is a maximum of 41 badges available to cycling Zwifters who do not run.

I can only find information on 39 achievement badges for cyclists on the Zwift support site or on any of the fan sites I am aware of.

This means there are 2 additional ‘easter egg’ badges available to discover somewhere in the game for people who are good at that sort of thing. Go find.

They also finally confirmed that the current achievement total DOES indeed include the running badges - even if you don’t run. Or conversely, does include the cycling badges, even if you don’t cycle.

This makes it impossible for single-sport Zwifters to complete. But the good news is I understand there will be discussions about changing that in the future as Run is still in beta. Fingers crossed they split them.

None of this explains the 2 missing running badges demonstrated above, but perhaps this is the badge issue Vincent alludes to.

I look forward to the update!

Hi Vincent, any updates on this now after two months?

The maximum number of badges showing as being available still makes no sense.

Even if I were to complete all the visible achievements and discover the two easter eggs, my total would be 41/52 - the annoying discrepancy of 11 due to the running badges being lumped in with the general/cycling badges.

But your own support site lists 13 running-specific achievements, not 11.

So if I took a dislike to my knees and started running again - and completed all those achievements, I would have a grand total of 54 badges (41 general/cycling + 13 running) - giving me 54 out of 52. Pretty impressive stuff.

I really hate to bang on about this - and I have given up on attempting 100% completion as a result of this, but there is something wrong here!

I don’t think Vincent is around much anymore so replying to him will not help much.

Anyone from Zwift can reply, I’m not fussy.