Make number of achievement badges earned displayable in your public profile

I would love to see everyone’s number of earned achievement badges displayed on their public page, much the same way we can now see everyone’s level. For example, “168 out of 207 Achievement Badges Earned.”

Also, it would be nice if Cycling and Running were separated out in the display of achievement badges as my guess is the majority of Zwifters are not using Zwift for both activities. It’s my goal as a cyclist to earn every badge Zwift throws at me, but I can never do this without taking up running.

Why do you need to know this, I couldn’t actually tell you how many I’ve got myself

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You can find your own number of badges by clicking on the badge icon in the upper right side of your home screen once you’ve logged in.

I should have mentioned in my request, that Zwift could make displaying your number of achievements and option in your settings.

Yeah I know where to find it if I really want to, just curious why you would want to know how many Joe blogs has got

I guess I only would like to know if another rider I’m following is willing to share it. We currently see a ton of data on each rider we follow–this would just be one more small piece.

I was surprised when I joined Zwift that this wasn’t the way it was. Strava lets you see people’s trophy case, challenge stats, linked clubs, stats, segments, pictures etc. Garmin Connect allows you to see achievements etc. too, and both give you the privacy controls to allow or disable that functionality.

Games on Steam or Xbox allow you to see your friends’ achievements etc. as well.

As a social platform I’m surprised Zwift doesn’t have an option to expose these things, along with privacy controls for people who do not want to expose them.

My point exactly! I would also think it would inspire friendly competition among users.