Completed Route ma Poule and no badge

No badge this afternoon for Route ma Poule in France. Admittedly a shorter route and will not be difficult to repeat but still, 40 minutes spent.
AppleTV, not sure if it was before or after latest update.

Hi @Mike_CS_CRYO-GEN_Swi. Looks like you stopped just a bit too early. This route starts and ends at the banner on the top of the petit KOM. You needed to keep going a bit more to pass under the banner for the second time.


Darn. Thanks.

Then there’s something else wrong! Rode 1,5 lap but still no badge. And Zwift should alter the description = State the actual distance needed to get the badge if what you say is true Mike.

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I also have no badge after completing this route.
I did a workout and passed through the KOM banner for the second time, earning the completion popup at the end of the route. Despite seeing this popup and gaining the XP the badge does not show up in my completed routes badge collection.

I created a meetup in a world that was not on the daily list.

Curious. :thinking:

O.T. but exactly tha same happened to me with “The London Pretzel”. Got acheivement banner and extra XP, but no badge.

Zwift opened on another device?
Seems to be the reason for this issue often.

No i didn't have zwift opened on anoter device.

Exactly the same with me! (BTW: Insbruck “Lutscher” the same here: the specified length of the route is incorrect or you will not receive a badge at the end of the route!!)

The length of the loop is correct, it’s just that there is a VERY long lead-in for the Lutscher route before the actual route starts (at the top of the climb).


There is a great pdf by zwift insider. Just google “zwift routes by difficulty zwift insider” it lists all routes plus lead-in, so add both together and thats what it takes to get your badge! Roulema Poule= 3.1k leadin plus 23k route = 26.1km to completion :checkered_flag::1st_place_medal::+1: