Missing two badges

Hi there!

For a last two week I have problem with missing badges that didn’t show in my collection although rides are properly saved. They showed on my STRAVA profile.
At November 16th I’ve ride Champs-Elysées route and there was totally mess because of great number of rider. System was overloaded. Many times I’ve seen only bikes without riders… Banner at the end of the route was did not shown even I’ve ride over 11 km.
OK, at November 24th I repeat route and badge is appear in collection but the day after, when I finished Roule Ma Poule route, badges did not appear again.
Also I didn’t get Paparazzi badge even friend of mine three time watching me over fifteen minutes. Last time, when I was send you a photos over twentieth fifth minutes.
I hope that you are fix these bugs…

Thank you in advance,

Not sure about the other badge glitches, but the Paparazzi badge requires you to watch someone for 15 minutes, not someone watching you.

According to your activities, you received that Champ-Elysees badge 2 times so far! Bit of a meltdown in the badge matrix machine I think!

OK, I’ve repeat route Champ-Elysees and badge appear in collection.
Problem stay with Roule Ma Poule route. When I first time ride this route, November 25th, banner was visible at the end but badge is not appear. I’ve ride today the same and I didn’t saw banner at the end, system know that I’ve finished before and got the badge but place in collection is still empty.
Please, can somebody fix that!?

Zwift will not award badges retroactively.

Do you by chance use multiple devices for Zwift? For example an Apple TV and an iPhone or windows 10 and android? Having multiple log ins without the corresponding logouts can cause these issues.

I looked at your ride on 25th November - you made a manual turn short before the end (the route continues left). Do not forget - there is a lead in, you have to ride >26 km ( I did Roule Ma Poule yesterday).

i completed 2 routes and didnt get the badges for them (despite getting the banners at the end of the routes). I ride using zwift on my mac and I had the zwift app (not the companion app) open at the same time on my phone (as i like to look at the routes, mileage etc at the same time) and believe this caused the issue. I now only have zwift open on 1 device (my mac) while riding and haven’t had a repeat of the issue. I put this to zwift support and got this response:
“I do not suggest running the app on multiple devices while riding. When you log in on several devices at the same time it can cause problems with rides and achievements saving correctly. This could be the exact reason why you are not saving badges you have received. If you’d like to use the companion app (ZC) while you ride, this will allow you to see and do things while riding without causing issues with saving achievements and rides.”

Milan, I saw the banner at the end of route first time and yesterday banner didn’t show (again).
It’s mean that system think that I’ve earned the badge.
The Four Horseman I’ve ride three times. First two I didn’t finished and third time, when I was make the whole banner was shown and badge, too.
Thank you for your comment!

Michael, I didn’t use multiple device for ride. Zwift was rolling on computer ant Zwift Comapnion on mobile…
Thank you!