Missing Badge for Roule Ma Poule

This might already be known but i completed the Roule Ma Poule course tonight (as verified on Strava) and cycled further than the 26.1km route + lead in - definitely passed the final banner and freewheeled downhill for a bit to check. No acknowledgement of completing it and no badge.

However… my Apple TV reset halfway through the ride - Zwift recognised this and started me from my last point therefore i would have still expected to collect the badge.

Has anyone else suffered at the hands of this? I would hate to do one of the big rides and have that happen near the end of a ride, knowing i could complete but no badge at the end of it!

Strava activity 4389938045 for those who are interested

If you crashed out I expect you lost the badge because of it … Best suggestion is to get back on the bike and don’t again … Uninterrupted ride is important for badges just be happier you were not near the end of the 60km course on france :crazy_face:

Yeah, it’s highly likely but strange that Zwift is clever enough to recognise the crash, kindly restart you at the exact point but then don’t acknowledge the course badge!?! Sounds like they solved a problem but perhaps didn’t implement a full solution.

Possibly doesn’t pick up the fact you’re on a course on the restart, maybe loses that or perhaps resets the start point to the crash point meaning you have to go around twice - don’t fancy testing that one out! I’m sure it could be fixed pretty easily.