Missing badges (workout mode)

Hi all,

I’m in a training FTP Builder, and while i’m doing that I also go badgehunting.

Now I’m pretty sure that I finished Roule Ma Poule on Thursday, and before that the 2015 UCI Worlds Course.

The first time UCI I noticed that I didn’t get the banner “course completed”, but thought I maybe missed it. I’m sure I didn’t get the banner in the Roule Ma Poule course. Afterwards it seemed the badge was not given. Today I rode UCI again, and did set a time, so it seems I completed the course the first time.

Is it possible since the last update, during workout you can’t get the route badges?

Both Thursday and today, it looks like you stopped just short of the finish banner.

Today is correct. I did stop just short of the finish banner.That’s because I saw the counter en my last set time. on 1 of march I did this course and set a time. So I don’t understand.

I think you’re right on the thursdayride, it seems I did stop right before the finish. I will do this one again and make sure I did ride the whole course. Strangely I didn’t saw the finishbanner on my minimap or in the companion app.

I think I also know why the first richmond didn’t completed the course. I accedently made an U-turn, and made another one offcourse. Think that’s why it did not register the course completed, but dit set a time.

and check. All questions solved.