Richmond route badges not credited

Same happened to me today on Richmond. I rode all 3 badges on purpose and not one registered for some reason???

I’m looking at your session logs from 2/17. I see you rode 54km in Richmond, but I’m not seeing badge unlocks for any specific routes on this end either. Which three routes did you ride?

I see that you’re on the latest version of the game app for iOS: v1.0.45410, so I expect you should not see any latent issues from running the original Richmond map.

Would you describe what happened during this ride?

  1. Did you start by selecting a specific route? Do you remember which you chose first?
  2. Did you manually make any turns off the predetermined route?
  3. Once you completed the first course (by crossing under a finish arch), did you see a “route completed” banner across the bottom of the screen?
  4. Did you save and upload at that point, or did you continue on to routes 2 and 3?

I also had the same issue completing the UCI Worlds course this evening. Selected that course specifically, didn’t make any manual adjustments and kept riding a short while after the completion of the course just to see if there were any delay in the completed banner popping up at the bottom of the screen… nothing at all and bummed I wasn’t awarded the achievement

Hi @Anthony_DB

Check if you don’t already have that badge, It look like you did that route on February 8th.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport - I definitely don’t have it

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