I completed 2 routes and did not receive Badges


No Saturday I completed “The Fan Flats” (6.7Km) Richmond and did not receive a Badge, today I completed “Whole Lava Pool” (15Km) Watopia and also did not receive a Badge.
To try to understand what was going on, “Two Bridges Loop” (8.67 km) Watopia and I received the Badge.
The data from the Vodafone internet test are: 532.27 mps of Download, 103.02 mps of Upload and 7 ms of Ping, very good. The Zwift program is well installed on the 2019 MacBook Pro.
Does someone know what could be happening?

Check where to start and finish. For example, the Richmond Flat starts at the sprint banner, not from where your ride starts. There is a lead-in ride until you cross the sprint banner finish line. How far did you ride that?

did you choose the route before starting the ride? I understand that is what you must do

I looked at your Richmond ride on the 13th. You didn’t finish the route. You have to go through the sprint banner twice.

Check out the complete routes at

thank you :+1:

sim, agora escolho sempre porque o meu objectivo é completar todas a rotas :+1:.

ok, vou conferir sempre agora, muito obrigado👍.