Route Badges Not showing as completed

I completed the Three Sisters route on Saturday, but I’ve noticed that the badge for the route is still showing as not completed :woozy_face: I thought it maybe down to setting up, a meet up. But this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Any ideas ??

Looking at your ride data you appear to have a dropout which may explain things. Did the screen freeze temporarily or lose connection with your trainer?

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Hi Stuart, the connection did drop out and as a consequence I had to log back in and start the route again.

I think there’s your answer. Zwift doesn’t cope very well with these little glitches.
When you say you started again do you mean you selected the option to resume your session?

No, I literally had to log out and back into Zwift and start workout and route again.

The ride you uploaded has a spike in it which looks like zwift had a moment. No data recorded as in power or speed and it’s not on a decent.

Run the file through Zwiftalizer which may confirm my suspicions.

Is this new? I’ve never been offered such an option.

It comes up sometimes when it detects Zwift crashed unexpectedly.

This option to resume the ride popped up on me this Saturday during the Zwift Insider PRL Full Badge Hunt. I was on the 10th climb when I said “Hey Siri”…meant for my phone, but my iPad started up Siri, then CRASH! Thankfully it kept my distance and elevation, but Zwift kicked me out of the group ride and did not divert back into town on the 12th climb…so I climbed Box Hill once more, went back down and realized the badge will have to be earned another time. :pleading_face:

There’s a reason why I don’t use anything voice controlled and you’ve just added to this.

You must have been a tad miffed to say the least.

I let the expletives fly Stuart! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I just wanted to know what song was playing on the iphone. I need to shut off Hey Siri on that iPad PRONTO!

Whatever the song was it’ll haunt you for a lifetime.

Just curious - do you know what song it was?
I cannot imagine to think about anything on the 10th climb… :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:
Ride on!

You know…my mind turned away from the music, and to the fact I probably lost the ride entirely, so I have no recollection of the song or group :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So now a question for everyone…Zwift emailed me back about this issue, and told me they “may” give me credit for the badge, but they can’t credit the XP. Arguably, the XP is what really makes it worth it. Should I tell Zwift to forget it, so then I can do this again (ugh!) to get the badge and XP, or just move on with life? I think I know what I’m going to do, but what would you do? Just wondering.

Ride ON!

take the badge and get your XP in the upcoming tour of watopia double XP events, you can ride the same stages over and over during the week to get double XP on every ride.

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I like this idea! :+1:

Since I’ve been stuck on level 50 for almost two years, I have no use for the XP. I’d just take the badge.

Take the badge. 100%

I was under the impression they couldn’t award badges. They always said their system didn’t allow manual editing.

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Very valid point. I just hit level 40. Not a huge rush to get to 50 until they (hopefully) add more levels.

Here is what the rep said in the reply email:

“I went ahead and entered a request for a badge credit, it is now being looked into. In the event we’re able to credit your account, you should see it appear under the achievements menu within the next few days…We aren’t able to guarantee credit for badges, so please understand you may not receive one.”

Maybe she’s just being nice and toying with my emotions! :thinking:

UPDATE: I was awarded the badge. No XP, but the km’s and meters were indeed ridden! Thanks Zwift!

back in august, i was credited with the full PRL in game ( plays drops), they were “takeaway” the next day
the reply i got from support.

“While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations”

8 hours “ wasted” !