Badge collected but not showing

I did the Mountain Route today and when saving at the end Zwift was a bit slow but completed fine. Now I can see my ride and the badge for the route when I look up the ride itself but the badge is missing from the list of completed routes.

Any ideas?


Hi @kickRider, I see that you got the achievement on your activity report, I assume you logged back into the game to check and it’s not in your badges menu? That is very odd. Can you please post a screen shot?

Hi Mike, exactly! If it had not saved correctly then I would understand but I got the badge in game and it is showing fine in the report but not in the list of completed badges.


Hi @kickRider

Shuji from Zwift HQ. Looked at your session logs, and I definitely see you unlocked the Mountain Route achievement today.

Question for you: you started today on a MacMini, unlocked the achievement, then logged in again from an iPhone11. Did the game crash on the MacMini? Was there a reason you didn’t save & upload the session before you logged in from the iPhone?

Hi Shuji and thanks for your reply.

When I ended the ride on the Mac mini and it was slow to save I changed the WiFi connection from my home network to my phone’s 4G signal. I did not run Zwift on my phone until later and only to see if the badge had been awarded.

No worries but if I do the route again, given that it shows as completed, will it award it second time around?



A clean logout where the session is saved & uploaded to the server is necessary for the distances, elevations, and any achievements (like route completion badges) to record correctly. Regrettably, the logout event didn’t happen for this session, so it didn’t save your achievement.

Even though I can see that you completed the achievement, the badge won’t appear until you repeat the route.

When you said the game was slow to save - were you having WiFi dropouts? It pays to regularly power cycle your WiFi router and cable / DSL modem. Rebooting the device that’s running the Zwift app is also a good idea.

I had the same issue today. I rode the “Out and back again”, unlocked the badge (which I can see in the companion app for my activities today), but no badge when I logged back into the game this evening? Tom from Australia.

Hi @Tom_Thorvaldson

Do you have the Zwift app installed on multiple devices? You need to close and restart the all devices before every ride.

What do you use for Zwift?

I had the same issue with Muir and the Mountains. No acknowledgement for completing it. I even went 1 km beyond to be certain I rode the entire course.

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Muir and the Mountain begins and ends at the top of the KOM in Titans Grove, did you go far enough? I can’t look up your activity to check myself, you are set to private.

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I have the same problem with Volcano Circuit, ridden yesterday June 7. The badge is visible in the activity in Companion but not in the list of completed badges in the main app. This isn’t a massive problem for me in this instance since it’s easy to ride again, but I’m planning the Uber Pretzel on Wednesday and to miss that badge would be something else!
Is there no manual back end change that can be made when this problem occurs? It seems ridiculous to ask people to ride the circuits again.
On a related note, it would be nice to be able to see the badges from Companion rather than just in the app once a ride has been started. Hopefully there is a FR for that somewhere already.

Image 8-6-2020 at 3.09 PM

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Hi @Rod_S

There are some things you can check.

  1. Make sure you are on the latest game version.
  2. Don’t open Zwift on multiple devices. Uninstall it from all except the main one you are using.

Thanks for the quick reply. Thinking about it my app wasn’t updated. I’m based in China and when we have problems with the VPN across the Great Firewall, Zwift cannot connect to the Zwift update servers. That happened for me yesterday (although i got the update today).
Is there anyway I can get the badge without doing it again?
Is there an update in the pipeline for making badges visible in Companion? But as per your request, I’ll remove the Zwift app from my phone and ipad and leave it on my laptop.

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I have repeated the volcano clim several times, no achievement appears.

I’m having the same problem. Missing Achterbahn, Rising Empire, The Highline, and Jelly. Did Jelly again today (pretty easy to do) and didn’t get credit.

I did have the badges at one time. I remember seeing them in my game, but they are now gone and It doesn’t appear repeating them will bring them back.


If you’re certain you had the badges but they are gone - please write in to
Assuming that you’ve only ever had one Zwift account, it’s possible that something went awry with the database that corrupted your achievements.

@shooj Done!

@shooj thanks for the quick reply. I also got a quick reply from Jonah A. He said they are lost forever. I asked to bump up my request to someone who can understand my question. Even though this is not the situation here, they could be related, but I hope not. If they are related, I suspect you all have a larger problem with simultaneous logins than just lost data. Looks like this topic has been going on for sometime and might have been an edge case, but with more and more people going after an increasing number of badges, this might be something you all would want to explore more closely. I’d consider lose data and possible database corruption something worth fully understanding.

For anyone who finds this before it’s fixed.

Since I can’t check my badges on the companion, I sometimes login into zwift on another device while zwifting on my primary device, Jonah A. believes that’s what happened and by doing so I made it so my badges were not saved. It’s a pretty easy fix and would avoid that problem. I’m not sure why ever the simplest haven’t been tried. From what I was told simultaneous logins should be avoided if you don’t want to lose your progress at best, corrupt your database at worst. Cheers,


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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll escalate the ticket.

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