Missing route badge

Hi I rode tour of fire and ice today but did not get the route badge. I’ve sent the fit logs. Can this be rectified or do I have to ride it again?

Route badges cannot be manually credited by Zwift unfortunately so you’ll have to ride it again to obtain the badge.

This is true - we don’t have a way to manually award route badges.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t have multiple devices logged in to the same account simultaneously. Close out all sessions by either 1) saving & uploading it or 2) trashcanning it. Swiping the app into the background does not log you out.

How about this feature: automatically logout/ignore all but the most recent login.

Working on it!

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Perhaps just a message “You are already logged in” and stop the app?
I wonder how many users make this mistake, but that is another story…

@shooj Quick question—when users are for example logged in on multiple devices, resulting in the activity feed in ZC saying the route has been unlocked, but the actual in-game badge/trophy case doesn’t show the badge, will the trophy case show the badge after the route has been ridden again? Or is the whole system stuck in a kind of limbo (since under normal circumstances you only get the route unlocked banner/badge the first time you complete the route)?

The banner did not even show up. I got the prize wheel and surprisingly the helmet showed up in the garage. I have had issues before and I am almost sure that it is an iOS problem. It’s fine when using my laptop but as soon as I use the iPad I sometimes don’t get stuff in the garage when completing activities.

Did you select Tour of Fire and Ice from the route selection page or did you somehow manually begin your ride in the volcano? I just looked at your activity in ZC, and your route appears to begin in the volcano—but if you select the route from the route selection page, it should include a 2.8km lead-in beginning downtown before you get to the volcano?!?


After a route is re-ridden (provided the repeat is a “clean” session without multiple login conflicts), the route badge will appear in the garage.

As if going to ride the 7.5 hour full PRL again. (on the same day I would have been doing the London ride for real)
After I completed the 107 miles I got the course complete banner and XP points which took me up to the next level in game.
Next day they had all gone, despite being in my ride LOG.
Customer “support” eventually got back, they are unable to do anything due to “technical limitations”

I did chose the route from the front page but can’t remember where I started. I still think it’s the app on the iPad. I will do it again but on my laptop.