Did not get badge after completing route

A couple days ago I selected Tour of Fire and Ice from the route list and rode the route. There was no “route completed” message when I reached the top of the Alpe, and when I checked the achievement list just now, that route was not shown as completed. I did not deviate from the route when I rode it, other than descending from the Alpe as a cool-down after completing the ascent. My Strava results show the “Zwift Insider verified” Tour of Fire and Ice segment, but somehow Zwift missed it. I’ve selected other routes and received the corresponding achievement when I completed them; this is the first time it didn’t occur for me.

Tour of Fire and Ice was only made a BADGE ROUTE in the latest update - today.
Therefore if you did the route a few days ago… it will not count, as you need to do the route after the update has created the Route Badge.

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Same happened to me
Yesterday I rode haute route stage 3 through Tour of fire and Ice and it didn’t count the badge of that course.
I saw the badge screen on the top of the mountain passed some metres from the finish arc but I don’t see the badge on my badge case.
I also got the extra XP.

Some help?

I had the exact same thing happen as Simon is describing after riding the
haute Route Three Sisters

You cant get multiple badges in one ride, if the Haute route event was using a chosen route, 3 sisters, then you will not get other route badges that may overlap the chosen route.

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LOVE Zwift, earned level 12 yesterday after just 5 weeks. Rode the Alpe, noticed at level 8 that 7 was missing, u turned to do it again, finished at top, no badge, no wheel, spin, no credit for route. Have plenty of pics and garmin connect data that I completed. Help!

Are you referring to turn 7 and 8 on the way up the alp, how could it be missing?

Pulling a U-turn or manually turning left or right while trying to complete a route badge will take you off the chosen route and you wont get the badge.

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hey Mike, thanks for your answer. Sorry I missed this. I was going up my first time, watching the turns tick off and watching my times for each segment on the left hand side. When I hit 7 and completed it, no segment time showed up. I was on 8, and since it was my first time, I i freaked out, did a u turn down to 6 again and did 7 over, but it still didn’t show. UPDATE: I attempted the Haute Route Challenge on its last day, so I the the AdZ 3x back to back to back over 3 hrs so this is now a moot point. I have finished 5x now and earned that badge, but it was pretty discouraging to have that glitch.thanks again!