No badge, xp points or bike

Evening all!

Wondering if you can assist. I completed the Watopia Tour of Fire & Ice last night (leg killer!) I went through the barrier unlocked an aero helmet & the Alpe Du Zwift jersey. However, it didn’t say I’d completed the route, I didn’t get my badge or xp points! Completely annoyed & frustrated by this! Contacted Zwift & got the usual “can’t retrospectively help due to technical issues”. They explained about the lead ins (which I know about) & how to save a ride?!

Tonight, I’ve completed the Focus Colour of Pari / lilac stage but didn’t get the focus bike! Yet I completed the route & gained another achievement badge & further clothing items in my closet. I’m at a loss as to what to do really!

The Zwift companion app recorded the ride as did Zwift but I did get the xp point & importantly the elevation towards my climbing challenge!

I’ve deleted the app, both on my phone & Apple TV, logged out, logged back in, I’ve got the most up to date versions of both apps on both devices. Is there anything I’m missing? It’s putting me right off as it’s utterly demoralizing. Your help is greatly appreciated folks. Many thanks.

You should be logging in on one device only.

Just checking, but are you sure your Apple TV was on the latest app version?

Sometimes people think that having your apps set to automatically update is sufficient, but it’s usually not. I always start Zwift from the App Store so that I can see if it needs an update.

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I am having a similar problem. I have not received any badges or XP points for completing routes since 11/13 even though I am unlocking the gear. This has happened for Tour of Fire and Ice (Watopia), Ven Top (France), and Moutain 8 (Watopia). In my case it is not the Apple TV app version as my husband, who uses the exact same set up as me sans bike, is getting his badges and XP points for his rides. It is really frustrating and discouraging. One additional point. For me this happened exactly at the same time as renewal of my account. Is it possible there is a setting I need to turn back on to enable badges?